Best Smoothies for your eyes

a pink smoothie with three blackberries on top:  one of several good smoothies for your eyes

Diet influences our health in general, and that of our eyes in particular. Omega-3, vitamins, pigments and other antioxidants are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our visual cells.
Here is a list of ingredients you can use in order to make delicious smoothies for your eyes. They will keep them looking and seeing “good” too!


Almonds: they are not only delicious but also very rich in vitamin E and omega-3.

Fruits rich in vitamin C: we automatically think of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits and clementines. These have powerful antioxidants that help decrease the risk of cataracts. But many other fruits contain large quantities of vitamin C, such as kiwis and pineapples.

Dark berries:
Blueberries are very effective in improving night vision as well as reducing eyestrain. Bilberries are also very rich in vitamins C and E.
Like blueberries, blackberries contain high amounts of vitamins C and E.

Just like almonds, the soft flesh of this wonderful fruit contains plenty of vitamin E

Carrots: rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, carrots play a role in maintaining visual acuity and protecting the retina and lens.

To make it simple, foods that are orange or green contain precious nutrients for eye health, in particular lutein and zeaxanthin. Those two pigments are found in the retina and protect it against UV rays. They are present in all green leafy vegetables, as well as in orange fruits and vegetables. So let’s feast on apricots, mangoes, oranges, melons, carrots, bell peppers, grapefruits, and also on spinach, kale, beet leaves, basil, parsley, mint and so on.

And for those who have no time to lose or do not feel like experimenting as an alchemist, here are some simple recipes of smoothies for your eyes: just put everything in a blender and enjoy right away.


Avocado and mango smoothie
Half a ripe avocado
One mango
Fresh mint leaves
Water (to get the desired consistency)

Avocado, spinach and maple syrup smoothie
Half a ripe avocado
A half banana (frozen for fresh)
a large handful of spinach leaves
a little almond milk and a dash of maple syrup.

Blueberry, peach and kale smoothie
1 cup of skimmed milk or whole milk
4 oz of frozen blueberries
2 oz of frozen peach pieces
A small handful of kale

Carrot, mango and kiwi smoothie
1/2 cup of carrot juice
8 oz of frozen mango pieces
2 kiwis

Melon, carrot and strawberry smoothie
Half a small melon
Two carrots
A handful of strawberries

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