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New Radio interview about VISTASAFFRON

Listen to this new radio interview about VISTASAFFRON and learn how it can help protect Baby boomers’ eyes. Pharma Phoenix‘s pharmacist reviews the benefits of organic saffron and all 7 natural ingredients that are part of VISTASAFFRON‘s formula. Thank you Josh Lane and Here’s to your Health for a wonderful interview!

Los Angeles Award: Pharma Phoenix wins in 2019

LOS ANGELES AWARD for businesses: Pharma Phoenix is the recipient of the 2019 Los Angeles Award in the Vitamin and supplements category. So we wanted to share it with you! As a matter of fact this is our way to thanking you for your support, including showing such enthusiasm for our VISTASAFFRON, macular support for Read more about Los Angeles Award: Pharma Phoenix wins in 2019[…]

The Love Affair Between Saffron and Humanity

The Love Affair Between Saffron and Humanity: As Ancient as Time Itself Posted on: Saturday, July 20th 2019 at 1:15 pm Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2019 Visit our Re-post guidelines At Pharma Phoenix we liked this GreenMedInfo article about saffron a lot, so we are sharing it Read more about The Love Affair Between Saffron and Humanity[…]

Berries are full of antioxidants: goji berries, raspberries, blueberries

Understanding Antioxidants

What are antioxidants? Antioxidants include vitamins, trace elements and micro-nutrients found naturally in our diet. They are also synthesized by our body. They are mainly known for their ability to fight free radicals. In a previous post, we explained what free radicals are and what they do. They are inevitable and necessary in some ways, Read more about Understanding Antioxidants[…]

Talk show interview: eye health and VISTASAFFRON

Talk show interview on Here’s to Your Health with Joshua Lane, KCAA. Today, Pharma Phoenix pharmacist talks about eye health and how to protect it with VISTASAFFRON, macular support. Listen to this podcast to discover how aggressors such as pollution and blue light can damage your eyes.  Then, learn about the benefits of lutein and Read more about Talk show interview: eye health and VISTASAFFRON[…]

Understanding Free Radicals

Free radicals, where do they come from? Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that are naturally formed in the body all the time. Every activity that requires oxygen such as breathing, digesting, converting nutrients into energy and so on, produces free radicals through the oxidation phenomenon. We generally think of them as aggressors that have Read more about Understanding Free Radicals[…]

Why is Saffron so expensive?

It is a well known fact that saffron is the most costly spice in the world. It is worth almost as much as gold and you may wonder: why is saffron so expensive? First, let’s explain what real saffron is, and why it is so special: Real Saffron Saffron comes from the three-part red-orange stigma Read more about Why is Saffron so expensive?[…]