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Blue light from computer screen

Blue light and eye health

Do you work on a computer all day, or look at your smart phone often? If so your eyes probably feel tired, itchy or watery after a while. Learn how to protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by our technology devices. What is it Blue light and why can it be harmful? Blue Read more about Blue light and eye health[…]

Relax with deep breathing

Most of us are dealing with some kind of anxiety or apprehension very often or occasionally. There are natural ways to reduce stress, such as deep breathing and reducing stimulants. For example, if you are prone to stage fright, reduce your intake of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants a few days before the Read more about Relax with deep breathing[…]

Best way to take your medicine

Taking your pills Most of the usual oral medicines require you swallow them. So, what is the best way to take your medicine? I’ve seen many people swallowing their pills or tablets with juice, coffee and even wine! I have also seen others using no liquid at all. Let’s see if any of this is Read more about Best way to take your medicine[…]

sunglasses near the pool to protect your eyes from the sun

Protect your eyes from the sun

Remember to always protect your eyes from the sun. Although it is essential for the production of vitamin D, exposure to the sun, if excessive, can be dangerous for the skin and the eyes. We know the harmful effects of the sun on the skin (sunburn, even cancer …), but do you know that your Read more about Protect your eyes from the sun[…]

smoothie for your eyes with blackberries

Best Smoothies for your eyes

Diet influences our health in general, and that of our eyes in particular. Omega-3, vitamins, pigments and other antioxidants are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our visual cells. Here is a list of ingredients you can use in order to make delicious smoothies for your eyes. They will keep them looking and seeing Read more about Best Smoothies for your eyes[…]

How to stop a nosebleed

Nosebleeds: dos and don’ts If you ever watched the TV show Frasier, you may remember that of the main characters, Frasier’s brother, was said to have a nosebleed every time he tells a lie. You see him reaching for his nose when he makes up excuses. It is like a modern version of Pinocchio. Let’s Read more about How to stop a nosebleed[…]

saffron's health benefits

Saffron’s health benefits

Discover some of saffron’s health benefits In this article in BrainMD life, you will learn about saffron’s health benefits on the brain. Saffron can help your mood, support your immune system, promote memory and suppress your appetite. Dr Daniel Amen founded BrainMD , and he is also the CEO of Amen Clinics. Dr. Amen is Read more about Saffron’s health benefits[…]

Meat on a barbecue, learn to protect your health

Your Memorial Day barbecue

So here we are, this is Memorial Day weekend and a lot of us are getting ready for a great barbecue! Before you start your barbecue Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can enjoy your meal even more. First of all, if this is the only time of the year Read more about Your Memorial Day barbecue[…]

Protect your vision as you age: Interview on Here’s To Your Health on KCAA Radio

Last week pharmacist Raphaele Cohen-Bacry was a guest on Here’s To Your Health with Joshua Lane. She answered Josh Lane’s questions about VISTASAFFRON and how to protect your vision as you age. Here’s To Your Health airs every Wednesday at 6.00 pm on KCAA Radio, 102.3 FM, 1050 AM and 106.5 FM. Learn how to Read more about Protect your vision as you age: Interview on Here’s To Your Health on KCAA Radio[…]

orange and yellow bell peppers food for macular health and eyesight

Wonderful bell peppers, power food for macular health and eyesight

Bell peppers are extremely nutritious: It is a shame that they are still a little bit under-rated in our American cooking. Let’s see which ones are the best food for macular health and why. Red, yellow, and orange peppers get their colors from plant pigments called carotenoids. These pigments also give them some of their Read more about Wonderful bell peppers, power food for macular health and eyesight[…]