Cranberries with antioxidants, vitamin C

Cranberries benefits

Cranberries are small red fruits native to North America, and are harvested from October to January. Commercially-grown cranberries in the northern United States and southern Canada are larger than the wild varieties grown in the southern regions of the U.S. and throughout Europe. American Indians enjoyed cranberries the same we do today: dried and sweetened Read more about Cranberries benefits[…]

salade nicoise with good foods for eye health

La Salade niçoise: good foods for eye health

Salade niçoise This classic salad from Nice, a beautiful town on the French riviera, combines many good foods for eye health. It is packed with omega-3 (EPA and DHA), lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamins C, D and E. This is a good example of the Mediterranean diet and a dish you should eat all year long! Read more about La Salade niçoise: good foods for eye health[…]

Headphones and Vistasaffron for health podcast

Health Podcast about Vistasaffron

  Listen to this health podcast about VISTASAFFRON, Macular support for Baby boomers with organic saffron 20mg. Pharma Phoenix pharmacist is interviewed by Josh Lane, host of the weekly wellness radio show Here’s to Your Health. Learn what the macula is, as well as why it needs nutrition and supplementation. Discover how saffron, lutein, zeaxanthin Read more about Health Podcast about Vistasaffron[…]

smoothie for your eyes with blackberries

Best Smoothies for your eyes

Diet influences our health in general, and that of our eyes in particular. Omega-3, vitamins, pigments and other antioxidants are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our visual cells. Here is a list of ingredients you can use in order to make delicious smoothies for your eyes. They will keep them looking and seeing Read more about Best Smoothies for your eyes[…]

Meat on a barbecue, learn to protect your health

Your Memorial Day barbecue

So here we are, this is Memorial Day weekend and a lot of us are getting ready for a great barbecue! Before you start your barbecue Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can enjoy your meal even more. First of all, if this is the only time of the year Read more about Your Memorial Day barbecue[…]

orange and yellow bell peppers food for macular health and eyesight

Wonderful bell peppers, power food for macular health and eyesight

Bell peppers are extremely nutritious: It is a shame that they are still a little bit under-rated in our American cooking. Let’s see which ones are the best food for macular health and why. Red, yellow, and orange peppers get their colors from plant pigments called carotenoids. These pigments also give them some of their Read more about Wonderful bell peppers, power food for macular health and eyesight[…]

frittata with spinach and yellow bell peppers, good food for your eyes

Recipes for Eye Health: Delicious frittata with spinach, dill and bell pepper

Here is one of many of our delicious recipes for eye health. We test and select dishes that are easy to make and packed with nutrients and vitamins that are good for your eyes. Because good nutrition can be simple and help boost your vision too! This tasty frittata is rich in crucial nutrients for your Read more about Recipes for Eye Health: Delicious frittata with spinach, dill and bell pepper[…]