New Radio interview about VISTASAFFRON

Listen to this new radio interview about VISTASAFFRON and learn how it can help protect Baby boomers’ eyes. Pharma Phoenix‘s pharmacist reviews the benefits of organic saffron and all 7 natural ingredients that are part of VISTASAFFRON‘s formula. Thank you Josh Lane and Here’s to your Health for a wonderful interview!

Talk show interview: eye health and VISTASAFFRON

Talk show interview on Here’s to Your Health with Joshua Lane, KCAA. Today, Pharma Phoenix pharmacist talks about eye health and how to protect it with VISTASAFFRON, macular support. Listen to this podcast to discover how aggressors such as pollution and blue light can damage your eyes.  Then, learn about the benefits of lutein and Read more about Talk show interview: eye health and VISTASAFFRON[…]