Coronavirus Hygiene tips

Coronavirus Hygiene tips are crucial while the pandemic is raging. However, as we are constantly getting new advice and from many different sources, it can become confusing.  In addition, recommendations are often incomplete. That is why we wanted to share practical and commonsensical tips that are easy to implement today.

Coronavirus Hygiene tips for You:

Hand washing

First of all, you need to wash your hands thoroughly, several times a day. That means every time you went out, even if it was just to get the mail or take the trash out. Every time your blow your nose, every time you are getting food delivered:  use soap and HOT water (above 77°F) for at least 20 seconds. The foaming process is what destroys Covid-19, so the more foam the better.

Your wrists should be part of your hand washing routine.

Avoid wearing bracelets and watches as they interfere with good hygiene. The same is true for rings. Change the hand towel often, wash them and all your laundry at a temperature above 77°F.

Refrain from eating with your fingers, use utensils instead. This is why they were invented!

Your Nails

Keep your nails short and use a nail brush (remember to clean your brush with soap). Never keep chipped nail polish on as viruses can hide and thrive in cracks.

Don’t bite your nails, obviously!!!

Your eyes

Avoid wearing your contact lenses as much as possible. Wear glasses instead. Eyes are a portal of entry for the Corona virus, so the less you touch your eyes the better.

Remember to clean your glasses often: no need for fancy products, just wash them with dish soap, under warm running water, it is “optometrist tested”!

Always wash your hands with soap and hot water before touching your eyes: when you remove your makeup, apply medicines or artificial tears and so on.

Your teeth

Maintain good dental hygiene and always wash your hands before you clean your teeth.

Rinse your tooth brush under hot water. Remember to change it often and ever time you get sick with any upper respiratory infection such as cold, cough, and flu.

Make sure you regularly clean your water flosser (tank and handle)

Coronavirus Hygiene tips for your house


It is always a good habit to clean the high-touch areas in your house, and this is even more important during this pandemic. Try to do it routinely, at least once or twice a day. You can use a regular cleaning product, or a bleach solution . The CDC has great recommendations for cleaning your household, including directions to make an appropriate bleach solution (4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water). It also has a more in depth guide if someone in your house is sick or suspected to have the Coronavirus. It is important to not only wipe, but scrub surfaces vigorously. Use a generous amount of cleaning liquid and a good dose of elbow grease!

Here is a non exhaustive list of high-touch areas:

  • All tables, desks and countertops
  • Door knobs
  • Faucets
  • Light switches
  • Remote controls
  • Chairs (we often forget this one!)
  • Stair rails
  • Computers, cell phones and home phones
  • Water pitchers, salt shakers…
  • Refrigerator handles. From time to time, wipe the inside as well.
  • trash cans
  • Microwave and oven panels

Additional tips: do not put purses, bags, wallets or keys on tables and countertops: why would you spend all that time cleaning your dining table if you are going to put dirty objects on it? In addition, be mindful of the fact that your shoes carry a lot of germs: leave them at the door.

Ventilation systems

Keep your vents clean and change filters regularly

Vacuum cleaners

Make sure to change the bags or clean the filters of your vacuum cleaner more often than usual.

Coronavirus Hygiene tips for your car

Keep several hand sanitizers in your car so you can clean your hands after pumping gas. It does not replace a good hand washing but it greatly limits the risks of contagion.

If you need to eat, drink or take a medicine while in your car and cannot wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer.

Regularly clean all surfaces inside your car.

It sounds funny, but also clean the hand sanitizer bottle!


Lastly, with all that hand washing and house cleaning, your hands are very likely to get dry and irritated. When the skin is dry and cracked it is more susceptible to retain germs, so keeping it moisturized is important. Make sure you use gloves whenever possible, and apply a good hand cream several times a day.

Be well and safe!.