Podcast to listen to: Vistasaffron, macular support

Here is a new radio podcast to listen to and learn more about VISTASAFFRON, macular support for Baby boomers. This is a 12-minute interview between Pharma Phoenix pharmacist and Josh Lane, host of Here’s to Your Health. You will hear how VISTASAFFRON can help Baby boomers support the macula of their eyes and protect their vision.

Vistasaffron supplement with organic saffron 20 mg, 1 capsule a day eyecare for baby boomers and people over 50

This podcast explains the ingredients as well as the benefits in simple terms. You will discover why saffron is such an amazing spice for your eyes, why we call goji berry a superfood and much more! You can listen to previous interviews here.

real saffron threads on a plate. There are many saffron's health benefits, especially as macular support